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Our stack of in-house developed adtech products caters to both the supply and demand side. Creating innovative advertising solutions not available elsewhere.


Through proprietary design solutions and a team of top-notch designers, we execute digital advertising creatives that inspire. From the media placement to branded content like you’ve never seen before.


We partner with the world’s top media properties to help them increase their revenues while employing non-intrusive, privacy-conscious formats.
What is EXTE?
EXTE was created by three of Europe’s largest AdTech companies
The largest adtech in Spain and Latin America. Specialized in video and content marketing.
The European programmatic marketplace and rich media innovator.
The publisher-tech company that maximizes publishers' programmatic inventory.
Building impactful technology solutions
We're evolving the next generation advertising products. Apart from what is offered by our founding companies, we have already developed three EXTE products that works for the whole group.
exte ai Advanced machine learning technology. It enables us to provide the best targeting in the market, identify the right audiences and deliver personalized messages that resonate with them. It helps advertisers maximize their ROI and drive success.
exte studio The best tools and teams dedicated to producing high-quality, engaging, interactive ads that capture attention and inspire action.
exte markets The Private Premium Ecosystem. It allows the most advanced advertisers to create their own programmatic Open Web ecosystem. It offers the control, security, and transparency of direct buying while executing it programmatically. Through their markets, agencies and advertisers can activate a wide range of formats: Display, Video, rich media, native, and CTV. All while using the power of contextual targeting through EXTE ai.
Innovating for a better future together
As a leading innovator in our industry, working with our employees, customers, and partners is the key to shaping a better future for everyone.
Responsibility, empathy, perseverance, passion and creativity
Working together to improve the Digital Advertisement Open Web Ecosystem
With 19 offices in 15 different countries and employees from 24 nationalities we have a Glocal mentality. Global mindset with local execution.
Who we are
Over 300 pasionate people in 15 countries, led by a management team with decades of experience in digital marketing.
Diversity is one of our greatest assets. With team members from many different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, we are able to bring unique perspectives and ideas to the table that enrich our work environment and drive innovation
Better future
Our scope of innovation is strongly driven by our commitment to diversity, integration, sustainability, and social impact. Our diverse workforce enriches our culture and allows us to innovate in ways we could never have achieved alone. By integrating sustainability and social responsibility into our innovation process, we create solutions that benefit our organization, the planet, and society
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